I met many unique souls on my journey as a healer, and their memories are forever etched in my heart. It is genuinely humbling to be a part of the lives of those who stood tall in the face of imminent death and never once succumbed to fear; they are champions.

Harps (not her full name) was one such cancer patient who had little hope of surviving her ordeal. Her breast cancer had spread rapidly, making its assault on the brain, abdomen and spine. She sent for me, and I started visiting her home in the presence of her husband and family. I would spend some time in healing service and try my best for her. She always thanked me and said she felt better afterwards and rested. Harps was a witty and amusing lady with a larger-than-life personality. When one day, she saw that I was sad because the results came through that she was in decline, she consoled me and reminded me that we cannot go against the will of God.

“Stop looking so sad, Garo; you’re depressing my fish!” She pointed at her aquarium in the front room. We all laughed.

On her last visit to the doctor, he examined her X-rays and was very solemn; things were not good for her. The doctor explained the situation to her and her husband, but she was fixated on her X-rays and shaking her head. The doctor stopped and asked her what the matter was, and she pointed to the X-ray showing the lower part of her body.

“It’s this X-ray, doctor, the one of my lower body; it is making my bum look big!”

The doctor was perplexed as Harps and her husband laughed out loud. I still laugh about this scenario even today.

I did not want to give up and kept going to see her for healing, but eventually, I stopped. While I was trying to do my best to help heal her, I was unaware that she had long accepted her fate and wanted to be on the other side. The experience taught me that some people are not meant to be healed. My responsibility is to help ease their crossing to the other side and be as painless and dignified as possible.

Soon after, Harps passed away peacefully, and her faith and bravery inspire me to this day. My memory of her is her loving smile and hearty laugh; she was magical.

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