My mother was excited; the fortune teller would arrive very soon. Mum laid a spread on the dining table where our meeting would occur. Fruits, cookies, cake and other nibbles, coffee, and tea. She told me about the fortune teller and how a friend had recommended her because she was incredibly accurate. I was intrigued, but at the time (about 30 years ago), I was going through a rebellious stage and had adopted a negative, almost cynical mindset.

The fortune teller, who I will refer to as ‘Maria’, arrived at our house on time, having been driven by her husband, who was to wait for her in the car. She was a shorter, bubbly woman who greeted us all with a smile. We sat around the table, and after exchanging some pleasantries, she opened up with a prayer. She closed her eyes, muttered something under her breath, and then promptly opened them and beckoned my siblings to hold her hand as she gave them readings, one at a time. I observed the proceedings with some scepticism, but I was intrigued nonetheless. Finally, it was my turn, and I took the seat facing her. She held my hand and closed her eyes. It felt like a long time before she opened her eyes again and smiled warmly; she appeared emotional.

“You are to grow and do God’s work. I feel His blessed angels around you. He is special.” she turned to my mum.

I felt uneasy because, at the time, my focus was on becoming a successful businessman like my dad. I wasn’t particularly interested in doing anything else.

“The time will come when everything you went through in your life will make sense. You will help people; it is a great honour, son.”

I felt uneasy because what she told my siblings was relatively bland. As she left the house, she turned to me and urged me to remember her words. Despite all my attempts at being a successful businessman like my father, I only succeeded in being a healer and a medium. I never valued it at first, but as I matured and started to appreciate life and the people around me, I found no greater happiness in service.

She was correct; serving others and the greater good is a great honour – I am blessed.

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