Paranormal encounters often trigger initial feelings of fear or anxiety. It’s natural to feel apprehensive when faced with the unknown. However, despite the unsettling nature of these experiences, actual harm is rare. Our instinct for self-preservation often clouds the message behind these occurrences.

Spirits, in their attempts to communicate, can sometimes startle us unintentionally. Personal encounters have taught me this firsthand. With time and reflection, I’ve realized that these encounters, though startling, seldom pose any real danger. While their methods may lack subtlety, harm isn’t their intention.

Learning to remain composed in such situations has been a journey. Despite the impulse to flee, maintaining control allows for better reception of the message they seek to convey.

I often ponder whether spirits understand their own strength when attempting to communicate through phenomena like moving objects or knocking. An incident involving a friend mourning the loss of her fiancé brought this to mind. As we comforted her, a mirror inexplicably crashed to the floor. While alarming, we couldn’t rationalize how it fell given its position. We suspected the presence of her departed fiancé.

Did he seek to make his presence known? I believe so. Was scaring us his intention? Unlikely, especially considering his fiancée’s grief.

Perhaps, spirits are just as clumsy on their side as we are on ours. Ultimately, understanding may bridge the gap between our worlds.

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