I wonder how some people intuitively sense when they are approaching death. This ‘feeling’ can manifest well in advance or shortly before their passing, and they often exhibit a sense of inner peace and preparedness. Some even go to the extent of making detailed arrangements for their departure, ensuring that loved ones are taken care of. I have observed this phenomenon within my own family on several occasions, and I will share three poignant scenarios:

Many years ago, I spoke to my grandfather on the telephone to inquire about his health. During our conversation, although he seemed distant, his demeanour was cheerful. He told me, “I am going, Garo; my time has come. I have an incurable disease. Be good, Garo, and don’t be sad.” Unbeknownst to him, the family had refrained from informing him of his cancer diagnosis and opted not to pursue treatment. He passed away three months later, having meticulously organized his personal belongings, including his identification, money, and Bible, for easy access by the family.

In another instance, my aunt was admitted to the hospital due to illness. Despite appearing relatively stable, she insisted that her daughter take her wedding ring and personal effects home, stating matter-of-factly that she would not be returning. The family, tearful and anxious, was comforted by her calm assurance. True to her prediction, she peacefully passed away a week later.

Similarly, my mother, in her final days, made deliberate visits to loved ones and friends, generously donating to needy families she regularly supported. She entrusted a trusted staff member with the location of a key to a cabinet containing her valuables, instructing him to share its contents with my sister. During my last visit, expressing anticipation for the next Christmas together, she gently shook her head and remarked, “I may not be here, son. I want you to have that painting”, gesturing towards a cherished painting in the living room she wanted me to have. True to her premonition, she unexpectedly passed away three weeks later.

The question remains: how do individuals sense that their time is drawing near? Do they experience visions, or are they guided by ethereal messengers or loved ones? I find myself pondering this mystery.

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