Faith and nerves of steel are vital to dealing with paranormal disturbances, but that is not enough. One must be prepared at all levels to comprehend the source of the issue and keep an open mind for the truth.

While prayers, holy water and other paraphernalia may help, in some situations, the core issue needs to be identified and addressed; otherwise, the problem may persist or worsen. The investigation or research requires a disciplined mind that is not easily distracted or swayed by physical manifestations. A medium should not be judgemental or jump to conclusions based on their own opinion.

Sometimes, the disturbance is deliberate to get attention, and there is usually a good reason for it. Every situation is different and should be evaluated carefully and objectively. The family history, the house history and geography are all significant, along with other facts. I do not take ‘disturbances’ at face value. I look deeper for the causes behind the effects instead of being focused on the impacts and how to stop them. I will explain more in my next article, where I attended to a severe haunting case. The family brought in mediums and priests and did whatever they could to stop it, but it got worse and more violent. They were referred to me, and over a couple of sessions, I linked with the spirit responsible for the family’s anguish. She was a distant family member who was a murder victim and became troubled mentally when her children were taken from her. With the help of my guides on the other side, I solved the 70-year-old murder case. The disturbances stopped, and peace was restored.

I will post about this case tomorrow and describe the journey that led me to bring closure for the family and the tormented spirit on the other side.

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