A couple of days ago, a woman attempted to argue with me that, according to science, there is no evidence to support the possibility of life after death. However, she chose to launch a personal attack by dismissing something I said as ‘nonsense.’

While it is true that, according to science, the physical body ceases to exhibit signs of life once it stops functioning, it is also recognized, within scientific understanding, that energy does not perish; it transforms. What remains intriguing is the steadfast grip some individuals maintain on science as the sole arbiter of reality, adamantly denying the existence of anything beyond their narrow perceptions of life. Anything unexplainable is swiftly dismissed, with ‘science’ wielded as a weapon to fortify their argument. Some even grow hostile when confronted with alternative possibilities not grounded in scientific principles. I consistently emphasize that neither proving nor disproving the existence of an afterlife is within our grasp, often boiling down to a stubborn desire to be ‘right.’

I consistently stress that no one possesses definitive answers, whether scientists, mediums, or those purportedly on the other side. The world is comprised of phenomena beyond our comprehension; I believe everyone encounters something unique and inexplicable at least once. While many may embrace such experiences for what they are, others may brush them off as mere flights of imagination or outright deny them. It is essential to honor whatever experiences you undergo and acknowledge them for the significance they hold, without feeling compelled to rationalize them; attempting to dissect and analyze them often leads to fruitless endeavors. Above all, do not allow anyone to dampen your spirit by brandishing science as an incontrovertible truth; they are not endowed with superior knowledge.

With over 30 years in the field, I have had the privilege of assisting numerous individuals, including those from the scientific community. The enlightened among them understand the folly of dismissing phenomena that elude scientific explanation; they embrace the world’s boundless possibilities, recognizing that the inexplicable is an integral part of our existence.

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