When booking a medium for a reading, please consider not using your real name to eliminate the possibility that they could have looked you up online. Many fake psychics are out there who prey on and take advantage, especially of the vulnerable. You do not need to justify yourself or apologise for not using your real name. A genuine medium should be able to connect regardless.

Ask a friend to pay on your behalf to eliminate the possibility of being identified from your payment. If you are using Zoom, change your handle or username for the meeting. An unscrupulous medium can very quickly and easily search for you online.

Avoid sending the medium a friend request or linking with them in any way before the reading. It defeats the purpose of your anonymity and may compromise the validity of the evidence shared.

Only share limited confirmations; keep all information private from the reading. The medium should pick up and share what they feel and what is relevant. You pay the medium for a psychic reading and trust them to make a connection and get clarity. The session is about you and not the medium.

Not all mediums are scammers or frauds; many are genuine. Listen to what your heart tells you; you can rarely go wrong.

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