Forgiving those who hurt us is challenging; it may be impossible to achieve in most situations. It becomes even more problematic when those who wronged us pass to the other side before apologising or seeking our forgiveness. It leaves us feeling cheated and betrayed, and we ask, where is the justice in that?

Of course, there are cases where perpetrators can never be forgiven for their heinous actions, but thankfully, these are minority cases.

I struggle with forgiveness, which has been my failing since I was young. I am learning to be a better person and try to get over hurt without retaliation. Accepting other people’s apologies is not optional if I am to consider myself a Christian. Forgiveness is fundamental according to the teachings of Christ and of such high importance it is part of the Lord’s prayer.

I would love to hear about your views and experiences. I appreciate your contributions and will take them on board and learn from them. Thank you.

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